Strawberry avocado salad! So fresh and delicious. Great service, fresh food and good prices!strawsalad

Marie M.

The breakfast hash is so good! Pair it with the chili mango sauce to give it some kick. Healthy ingredients make you happy to eat there.

Dylan S.

It is nice to have a place within walking distance of my office for fresh and healthy food. I have had the the grilled chicken pita sandwich which is outstanding. The grilled salmon salad with red peppers and the house dressing is very good also. The prices are very reasonable and it does not take long to get your food.

A very nice change of pace to the normal lunch options.

Ken J.

I love me some veggies!

As a downtown ASU student I seem to always be in a hurry, and thankfully Bowl of Greens has saved me from starvation on multiple occasions. It’s conveniently located right next to the Cronkite building. My favorite from them are their juices. They have a large selection of different veggies and fruits to choose from. I’ve also tried their oven roasted veggies, chicken, and grilled red peppers…so delicious! On top of all the options that they offer, the owner is exceptionally nice and always very courteous.

Karina R.

This place offers great salads, veggies and surprisingly fast service even when they are hit by a lunch rush.

The atmosphere is great for chatting with friends or taking a break from a busy day, with nice seating and a good layout that lets you people watch. This is definitely a place that I look forward to stopping in at, even with all of the really tempting competition within walking distance of it.

I am totally in love with the tabbouleh, it hits all the marks for texture and being really fresh, green, refreshing. A perfect salad for hot weather!

Mary M.

I work at ASU-Downtown, and whenever I wake up too late for breakfast or forget my lunch, my go-to restaurant is Bowl of Greens. BOG is a healthy, whole-food, green, & on-the-go concept restaurant. I’ve recommended it to campus visitors, too, who were very happy with the selection. I’ve enjoyed breakfast and lunch/supper items as well as coffee, tea, and smoothies.

The smoothies are fresh and made from real ingredients. A list of ingredients is provided at the counter, so you can judge how thick it will be. If you don’t get it made with yogurt or powders, it will be thinner, but it is still a smoothie. You pay a bit more for the convenience of the location and the freshness of the real food, but it’s worth it! It could be argued that BOG is over priced, but you’re paying for whole food, speed, and convenience of location. This is not your SAD (Standard American Diet) kind of place with SAD proportions.

Personally, I enjoy the Spinach Mango smoothie with whey protein; Mocha Smoothie with peanut butter or whey protein; and the arugula salad add chicken and goat cheese, substitute with BOG dressing. The roasted veggies are great, too. Regarding the the negative reviews for BOG, be sure you read between the lines of the text and view their photos. Seriously!


I’ve been here a number of times now and have been satisfied every time. I always get a custom salad, and they have pretty good choices for regular and premium add-ons. I usually get the spinach with black beans, red onion, red pepper, and mushrooms. I add avocado, and just get their house vinaigrette. It’s nothing special, but the ingredients have always been (and tasted) fresh and crisp. They also give a very generous portion of avocado, which I really enjoy. It’s nice to have this option around campus. Sure, there are some great restaurants around, but as far as fast food goes, nothing else very healthy is nearby. I’ll be going back.

Micheal M.